The warmest Christmas gifts

The holiday season is approaching! The best part of Christmas is to spend time with family and friends and enjoy the magical Christmas time together. Finding the perfect Christmas gift can tricky but it is a great feeling when you find something that really brings joy for many years. Merino wool beanie is the perfect gift choice for people of all ages, as it is long-lasting and can be worn in many different occasions. Here are our Christmas gift ideas to help you out!

For her

NORDEN merino wool beanie is one of our latest arrivals for this season, and it has been a hit! This chunky merino wool beanie looks great with casual outfits but as it is really warm, it can be used during outdoor activities as well. The color selection includes some really beautiful colors such as light blue, vanilla and light pink.

KIDE merino wool beanie has a classic wooden logo label and big pompom on top. KIDE beanie is one of our most popular ones especially among women. It is great for every-day use and suits as well for winter sports such as skiing. We recommend especially the classic colors such as black or vanilla or hottest color of the season: lavender!

KAAMOS merino wool beanie is a classic 100% merino wool beanie with a logo label in front. If you are not quite sure which style to choose, this is a great gift choice that looks good on everyone. The merino wool knitting feels super soft and warm even in the coldest days of winter.

SAAME merino wool headband is made of extra-soft merino wool. The classic merino headband is especially great for outdoor sports, and it can be worn around the year. So if you are looking for a Christmas gift to someone who enjoys running or skiing, the merino wool headband is a great choice.

For him

KJEMPE merino wool beanie fits like a glove! This beanie is one of the most popular ones among men and looks good on all ages which makes it the perfect gift choice. The classic merino beanie has a small artificial logo label in front and it is available in nine different colors.

BJÖRN merino wool beanie is one big chunk of merino wool. So if you are looking for a gift for someone who really loves spending time outdoors during winter season, this is for you! Especially if you wish to find a gift with something extra, the BJÖRN beanie with a bear patch is a great choice.

SAILOR merino wool beanie is another great Christmas gift choice, as it has a classic look and it fits to all heads. This beanie really goes for all weathers and occasions, as it feels warm but due to the natural characteristics of merino wool breathable at the same time.

For the little ones

POLAR Junior merino wool beanie is the perfect Christmas gift choice for kids, as who wouldn´t love a beanie with a polar bear and fluffy pompom? This favorite merino wool beanie is available in many cute colors such as light pink and steel blue.

BJÖRN Junior is as well kids’ favorite. With this warm merino wool beanie your kid is good to go even during the coldest and snowiest winter days. Best part of our kids merino wool beanies is that they are long-lasting and easy to take care of – usually a little airing is enough the freshen up the beanie.

SISU Junior merino wool beanie has a more simple look with the small logo label in front, which makes it good choice especially for older kids. The merino wool beanie is available in several classic colors such as black and denim blue, which are easy to combine with different outfits.

If you have trouble deciding which beanie to choose, the Superyellow gift card is a great Christmas gift option! You can order a wooden gift card, or we can deliver the gift card to e-mail.

On all orders we offer free shipping in Finland and a free gift box as well!

Happy holiday season!