Sustainability is important for us in everything we do. For us sustainability means that we don’t harm people, animals or the environment, we don’t waste any resources and we continuously innovate new, more sustainable solutions. We create products that last long and have minimal environmental impacts.


Merino wool beanies made in Finland


To ensure the sustainability in our production, we choose the materials we use carefully and the partners we collaborate with. We produce all our products in Finland and it is an important choice we have made. By choosing Finnish production, we can guarantee that the workers are treated well, the working environment is safe and the customers receive high-quality products. As everything is produced in Finland, we are able to reduce the environmental impacts caused by the transportation.

Superyellow made in Finland

One important part of our production is to use only the necessary amount of resources. One of the biggest problems in the textile industry is the textile waste and the environmental impacts it has. We carefully plan our production and we can proudly state that the waste caused by our production is very minimal. To reduce waste we donate, reuse or recycle, instead of throwing anything away. Each beanie goes trough quality inspection before they are sent to our customers. Constant improvement and product development are important features of our production philosophy.

Designed in Finland

All Superyellow beanies are designed in Finland. In our products timeless design is combined with high quality materials. Our products are long-lasting and functional. The carefully chosen materials and high production standards guarantee that our beanies are suitable for different climate conditions and occasions, making them great choice for everyday life.



We choose the raw materials we use in our beanies based on specific certificates we always demand from our suppliers. In the knitting factories the merino wool is processed by carefully controlling the use of resources needed. For example, the knitting is finished by steaming instead of washing, which saves water. The merino wool we use is 100% mulesing free, which means there are no animals harmed. Merino wool is 100% natural and renewable material, which you can reuse or recycle. Merino products can last in great condition for decades. Read more about merino wool.


The cotton we use is either GOTS- or Oeko-Tex®- certified. GOTS is used in textile production and it limits the use of toxic bleaches, dyes and other chemicals during the production of the textile. It takes into account every step of the manufacturing process. GOTS- certificate is obtained when a product contains at least 95% of organic fibres, it is not treated with bleach or other toxic substances, it is coloured with nontoxic dyes and produced in a facility which strictly follows the social and environmental standards. The Oeko-Tex® standard guarantees that the product doesn’t include any substances that can be harmful for the human health.


One of our main targets is to use recycled materials in our products and we constantly innovate new ways to use the already existing materials. For example our Baltic- beanie is 50% merino wool and 50% recycled plastic bottles.


We are constantly minimizing the packaging waste in our supply chain. That means we aim to reuse as much material as possible and come up with new ways to reduce the waste. We consider the material choices in every detail including the material we use in our product tags and packages. We have minimized the use of plastic and currently we don’t use plastic in our product packaging.