Winter outdoor activities

One of the best parts of winter time is to test old and new winter sports! The weather in the winter can be harsh which means it is important to have proper gear when outdoors. 100% merino wool beanie keeps you warm and dry during outdoor activities. Here are some of our beanie recommendations for different winter sports.

Cross-country skiing is definitely a Nordic classic and it is suitable for outdoor enthusiasts of all ages. When hitting the ski trails we recommend wearing warm but breathable gear. POLAR beanie feels warm and blocks the wind. If your pace is faster, a headband might be enough. Our TUULI headband is 100% merino wool and it has a wind-proof membrane.

The winter outdoor sports where helmet is required are definitely more intense. Therefore, we recommend wearing thinner options, such as our KAJEN beanie. When the weather is milder, SAAME merino wool headband works nicely. When the weather is cold enough we recommend ice skating – especially in the natural ice!

If skiing is not your thing try out snowshoeing! It is a great way to experience winter and enjoy your surroundings. Snowshoeing doesn’t require any special skills, basically if you can walk you are good to go. However, if you choose a longer route you will get an effective exercise. KJEMPE beanie is our go-to choice when you spend the whole day outdoors.

If you wish to have more relaxed winter experience why not try out ice fishing. The best part is you might leave with lunch! When staying put in the cold weather for hours it is extremely important to dress warm layers. We recommend choosing one of our warmest beanies BJÖRN, BEAM or KELO.

There is nothing more refreshing than ice swimming! In Finland ice swimming is popular activity during winter, with or without sauna. A warm beanie is the most important gear of an ice swimmer because it blocks the evaporation of heath from your body. We recommend wearing warm KIDE beanie.

If any of the winter sports are not your thing, don’t worry because you can enjoy the winter weather during every-day life. Walk to the store or buy a hot beverage and stroll around the city. For everyday use we recommend our classics such as HANNAH or SAILOR beanies.

Winter is full of options when it comes to outdoor activities. From our wide collection you can find your favorites for every occasion during winter.