What is merino wool?

Merino wool is an ecological and high-quality material, which is suitable for many different occasions. Merino wool comes from merino sheep, which are farmed mainly in New Zealand, Australia, South Africa, and Argentina. The merino wool fibers are soft, thin, and long. Due to these characteristics, merino wool stores heat, and even when wet it keeps the user warm. Merino wool is a high-quality material, which lasts for years.

Merino wool is a naturally biodegradable and renewable material, which makes it an ecological choice. Merino wool is warm, breathable, soft and moist-resistant, which means it is perfect for various outdoor activities and for every weather. Due to the many great natural characteristics of merino wool, it can be worn in every season.

If you are looking for a material which is non-itchy and easy to take care of, then merino wool is your choice! Merino wool has an extremely soft feeling, and it feels very comfortable against skin. Even with sensitive skin usually merino wool is still a great choice. Merino wool is easy to take care of and usually some airing is enough to freshen up the merino beanie.

To have the best possible outdoor experience, choosing the right gear is extremely important. From the new Superyellow fall collection you can find merino wool beanies for every weather. For the milder weather we recommend lighter options such as Sailor, Amalia and Beanta-beanies. When the temperature drops we recommend especially our Björn, Beam and Kelo-beanies, and of course our pompom beanies Kide, Arctos and Polar-beanies.