Father’s Day gift ideas

Father’s Day is soon here! Choosing the best gift can be tricky, especially for fathers who seem to have it all. If you are struggling with the gift you have come to the right place – here is this year’s Father’s Day gift guide to help you out! A classic merino wool beanie is a great gift choice, as it is long-lasting and it can be worn every-day. Here are our recommendations:

  • SAILOR beanie is one of our best-sellers for a good reason. This classic beanie is easy to combine with different outfits and it looks amazing on everybody!
  • KJEMPE merino wool beanie is a bit larger in size compared to SAILOR beanie, which makes it great warm choice especially for fathers who enjoy spending time outdoors.
  • BJÖRN beanie is one big chunk of merino wool, so this is the choice for fathers who love winter!
  • OTSO beanie is made of soft merino wool knitting, and it is lighter compared to our other merino wool beanies. Great choice for milder weather during the fall season!
  • SISU merino wool beanie is available in bright colors such as yellow or petrol, if you are looking for something colorful! The classic merino beanie has a small logo detail in the front.
  • POLAR beanie is good choice if you are looking for a pompom beanie!

All our merino wool beanies are one size, so they fit to everybody. Therefore, it is safe to choose any beanie from our collection as a gift! If you have trouble deciding which beanie to choose, a great option as a Father’s Day gift is our gift card.

All orders include free gift box and we offer free shipping in Finland! If you have any questions, please contact our customer service superyellow (at) superyellow.fi.