Introducing the new fall collection

The fall season is here which means the beanie weather is approaching! Get ready for fall and check the new Superyellow fall collection which is now available online and at our retailers. The collection includes 100% merino wool beanies for men, women and kids. All Superyellow beanies are made in Finland. Merino wool is the perfect material choice for fall, as it keeps you warm when it gets colder but still feels breathable during milder weather.

The new fall collection combines old classics with new colors and styles. Inspired by the Nordic nature, the fall collection introduces new colors such as icy grey, rose and powder. In the new collection you can find new styles such as Sisu, Amalia and Oulanka, which are perfect for both fall and winter season.

For us developing new ways to reuse existing material and to use more sustainable materials is important. Therefore for this season we introduce two new sustainable materials. Natur beanie is made of 100% recycled merino wool and is available in four natural colors. Skogen beanie is made of soft merino wool and lyocell cellulose fiber. Lyocell is 100% natural and biodegradable material, and it is sourced from the nearby forests.

If you are looking for lighter option, please check our merino wool headbands Saame and Tuuli, which are now available in beautiful fall colors. Kids fall collection is full of warm options to choose from. The old favorites such as Polar Junior and Björn Junior are now available in new fall colors. Merino wool is easy to take care of and non-itchy, which makes it the perfect material choice for the little ones.