Christmas gift guide

The most wonderful time of the year is here again – it is time to say hello to December!  What a time to surround yourself with beautiful Christmas lights and blast joyful Christmas music. You can almost feel the warmth of the Christmas day.  The beauty of Christmas lies not just in the date, but in the feeling it gives.

Before the proclamation of Christmas peace takes place, there is still a lot of chores and things to do.

We at Superyellow absolutely love Christmas and the atmosphere it brings. We hope that everyone will have the time and opportunity to spend a perfect Christmas just as they please. Because of the Christmas spirit, we want to share our best Christmas gift ideas with you! The gifts chosen from us are ecological and responsible option. And the best part: we offer free shipping in Finland and gift wrapping as well!

A warm merino wool beanie that is made in Finland is a timeless and needed gift for all ages. It is suitable for many different purposes, from fast-paced winter sports to a calm day walks. Merino wool beanie is an ideal Christmas gift for those who enjoy outdoors, and for those whom the appearance of the beanie is a significant part of their own style.

Merino wool as a material is simply the best.  It adapts to temperature; it warms in cold weather and keeps you cool when its hot. The Superyellow beanie is also a stylish accessory choice.  A merino wool beanie, that’s made in Finland, is an appreciated Christmas gift that will not go unused.

Merino wool beanies for women

The fashionable KIDE beanie is finished with a beautiful birch patch that has a text Superyellow on it. This beanie even has a pompom!  KIDE beanie is available in shades that can be easily combined with your style of clothing. AMALIA beanie feels silky against the skin. It is warm and relaxed in style.  These reasons make this beanie the number one choice for a city tour or a park day with children. HANNAH beanie is a gentle merino wool beanie. HANNAH beanie has always been one of the most popular beanie for women of the Superyellow’s beanies! CARIBOU is for those who like characteristic colours and who want a touch of personality in their style. The CARIBOU beanie is finished with a pompom, and it has an artificial suede patch on the front.  

Merino wool beanies for men

KELO is one of our thickest beanies. It keeps you warm on a cold winter days and provides resistance to the high winds of the wilderness thanks to the tight knit and three folded layers. The beanie is detailed with a round leather patch.  KJEMPE is one of our favorite beanies. It is a warm merino wool beanie that has established itself among men.  KJEMPE beanie has three folded layers, which increases the warmth of the beanie.

Our SAILOR beanie sure is a great choice for anyone! It is also known as the Cousteau beanie. Our SAILOR beanie sure is a great choice for anyone! It is also known as the Cousteau beanie. As it is 100% merino wool as all our other beanies, it works during winter times but it is ideal in milder weather conditions, such as when the spring sun is already warming up or in the beginning of fall. SAILOR is always fashionable and timeless.

Merino wool beanies for kids

POLAR Junior beanie is a kids favorite. Many notice the polar bear patch on the front and recognize the beanie as one of the Superyellow classics. Polar Junior even has a pompom, which makes it even cuter. BJÖRN Junior is another of the favorites. It has a leather patch with a bear on it. The thick merino wool knit makes BJÖRN Junior almost windproof. It keeps you warm in any condition.

A good beanie is both warm and well-fitting. There are two sizing options for kids. Kids size 1 (46- 50 cm) fits babies and toddlers. Kids size 2 (52-56 cm) usually fits kids from toddlers to teenagers. For some kids, the best fitted beanie can be found already in adults’ sizes.

Merino wool beanies for young

Our BEANTA beanie is a thin merino wool beanie that does not itch. It is suitable for everyday use. BEANTA beanie keeps you warm and looks good while doing that. KAJEN is a lovely simple beanie with a smooth and tight knit. It is suitable for anyone who enjoys winter outdoor activities. For example, the comfortable and well-shaped KAJEN beanie is suitable to wear under a helmet.

Need more tips? You can always contact our customer service (superyellow (at) Happy holidays!