What to pack for archipelago?

Travelling around archipelago has become popular in the past few years and for a good reason. Spending time by the sea calms our mind and body, and it brings us joy and inspiration! Archipelago is a great day trip destination but, if possible, we recommend staying longer and exploring the different islands. It is better to pack light and bring a backpack, as then you can fit all the essentials for your archipelago trip and move around more easily.

When you are at sea or by the sea it is good to have wind-proof and water-resistant clothing with you. The essentials for a day trip in archipelago are good shoes, hiking pants, shell jacket and a merino wool knit and beanie. Merino wool is a great choice for archipelago, as it is both warm and breathable material. From Superyellow beanie collections the best choices for a summer archipelago trip are our BEACON and COAST beanies.

If you are staying over-night, it is important to prepare for a chilly wind and temperature fluctuations between day and night. We recommend wearing layers to make sure you can adjust your clothing when needed. Spending the night in archipelago is an amazing experience – gear up with warm clothing and spend the evening by the sea watching sunset!

Besides enjoying your surroundings, it might be fun to have some small, relaxing activities with you to spend time with. Grab a book and spend a lazy afternoon at the beach or bring a deck of cards and organize a fun game evening with your travel companions!

If you are still wondering where to head for your archipelago trip, we recommend checking our earlier blog post about our tips for the archipelago sea!