Tips for the Archipelago Sea

The summer heat pampers Finland and it seems that there will be a nice and lively sailing summer. There might be no need for a beanie during the day, except maybe for sun protection, but the evenings and nights get chilly especially when sailing. The sailing team we support, the Superyellow Sailing Team, uses and tests our beanies while sailing in the Baltic Sea. Of our beanie models, Beacon and Sailor are the most popular and proven to work for sailing.

Among the archipelago’s destinations, our beanies are available in several shops, e.g. in Hanko, Naantali and Örö. We gathered here a few tips for summer archipelago trips.

Örö’s old fort island is certainly one of the most popular, if not the most popular boating destination in the Archipelago Sea. The island has a functional and sheltered port and very good services. You can also get to Örö without your own boat on the connecting ship from Kasnäs. From Örö on the outer edge of the archipelago sea, it is good to continue west to Jurmo or Utö. Along the way you will also find a guest marina established at the old coast guard station in Bodö, whose beach bistro and burgers have been praised as the best in the area. Equipped with a colorful history, Jurmo is an unique island. Utö lighthouse island is a “must see” destination and there is enough to explore and experience for at least a couple of days. One of the favorite summer destinations is cozy Naantali in the western coast, from where you can easily visit Moomin World.

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