Tips for cold weather clothing

The colder weather is approaching and many of us are wondering what to wear when spending time outdoors. The differences in temperature during the day make it challenging to figure out what to wear in the beginning of fall and winter. Here are some tips how you can keep yourself warm and enjoy the beautiful fall and winter time outdoors.

The best way to avoid cold is to wear multiple layers. When planning what to wear, it is important to consider the intensity of your outdoor activity and the weather. Usually by wearing three layers of clothing is optimal to keep you warm even in the middle of winter. The air that is trapped between the layers keeps you warm. Each layer has its own function.

Merino wool works well as the most inner layer, as due to its natural characteristics it adjusts to the body temperature. Merino wool is moist-resistant and keeps you warm even when you are sweating. Keeping the user dry and warm is the most important feature of the inner layer of clothing. Merino wool is also easy to take care of as there is no need to wash it after each time of use. Often some airing is enough to freshen up the merino clothing.

The purpose of the middle layer between the most inner and the outer layer is to absorb moisture and make you feel warm and comfortable. You can add more middle layers if needed, especially during winter. However, it is important to note that too tight layers of clothing don’t really work. The most outer layer of clothing should protect against wind and rain.

And most importantly, don’t forget to cover your head as well with a warm merino wool beanie! Merino wool beanie keeps you warm and dry in cold weather, but as a natural and breathable material it works well in milder weather as well.

Superyellow beanies are folded at the ears, which means the beanies feel very warm and protect from the wind. A thinner knit in beanies, such as Sailor Junior, is a great option for those kids whose games don’t lack momentum. While the air is more biting the thicker knitted Björn Junior for example, can make you feel even more comfortable.

Flexible merino wool adapts to the shape of each individual head. If you are looking for beanies for the little ones of the family, Superyellow has its own kids collection, but if your kids is already at school age we would recommend checking out merino wool beanies for men and women!