The story behind the Cousteau-beanie

Classic red beanie was made famous by Jacques Cousteau who made the oceans his life’s work, his son still continues this work today. Below is a small story that we heard and believe to be true, or at least a good story about beanies used underwater.

  • Modern diving gear, or SCUBA gear, as we know it today was invented by Jacques Cousteau and his team. Before SCUBA, the diving equipment were heavy helmets and the diver needed to control the air flow into the helmet manually. The diver did this by pressing a “button” inside the helmet with the back of his head. It has been said that divers started to wear a beanie to act as a cushion for operating that button several hundreds of times during a dive.
  • Nowadays the SCUBA gear (Self-Contained Underwater Breathing Apparatus) works automatically and when a diver inhales, a valve opens, and air is supplied to him from a tank he carries with him or a hose (called umbilical) from the surface. This is made possible by “on demand valve” and SCUBA invented by Jacques Cousteau, which revolutionized diving and made the exploration of the oceans achievable for practically everyone.

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