Nature attractions in Southern Finland

Finland is full of beautiful nature areas to visit during summer. At Superyellow we love the outdoors and nature is a big source of inspiration for us. Therefore, we have visited many great places in Finland! Here are few tips where to visit in Southern Finland during summer. 

  1. Palakoski recreation area is located in Vihti. The area offers challenges for experienced hikers but it is as well a great day trip destination for families. The views with high cliffs and deep forest are worth the climb or you can pack some lunch and enjoy a relaxing picnic in the nature. 
  1. Väransby is a nature site located in Hirsala, Kirkkonummi. It offers beautiful views of nature and archipelago, and even though it is located near Helsinki area, it is rarely crowded. Väransby is a great destination for a peaceful day trip or for a short camping experience. 
  1. Sipoonkorpi National Park offers a mix of wilderness and traditional Finnish landscape with fields and small villages. At Sipoonkorki national park you can find short or longer hiking trails, bike routes and some great climbing spots. The park is only 24 kilometers from Helsinki City Center and easily accesible by car or bus. 
  1. Lappohja recreation area is located in Hanko, which is one of the most popular tourist destinations during summer. Lappohja has many interesting things to see, such as old trenches and rare plants. The beautiful beaches and sea views guarantee a relaxing day. Just remember to use the marked paths, as the nature in the area is vulnerable. 

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