Visiting Finland in winter – where to go?

The winter holiday season is soon here! There are many great places to visit during winter in Finland in all parts of the country. Here are some of our recommendations where to go to and what to do during your winter vacation in Finland.

Experience the winter activities in Finland

If you wish to experience northern lights, we recommend travelling to Lapland. The Levi Ski Resort which is located in Kittilä is one of the biggest ski resorts in Finland. Levi is a popular destination among both Finnish and foreign visitors, and it offers a wide selection of different winter activities and accommodations.

Another ski resort in Lapland Ylläs is not far from Levi. The slopes of Ylläs offer nice challenge for more experienced skiers, and there you can also find the longest slope in Finland called “Jättipitkä”. For passionate cross-country skiers there is over 300km long ski trails with breath-taking views.

In Kuusamo you can enjoy the snowy forest landscape while trying out different winter activities in Ruka ski resort. Ruka-Kuusamo is a popular travel destination throughout the year offering many things to do. You can fill your day with fun activities or spend some relaxing quiet time exploring the surrounding ski trails.

If you are a true sports fan, we recommend visiting Vuokatti! As a home to a sport academy, Vuokatti offers wide selection of both indoor and outdoor sports which you can try out during your stay. But don’t forget to rest as well, our recommendation: some spa time and pizza!

Enjoy the peace in the nature

If you are looking for a peaceful vacation spot, why not rent a cabin in the Middle-Finland! Spending some time in a cozy little cabin surrounded by untouched nature is a truly relaxing experience. If you are into winter activities such as skiing, we recommend visiting Tahko. It is near Kuopio, so you can easily combine skiing trip with city vacation.

The lake Saimaa is popular travel destination during summertime, but we recommend visiting the area during winter as well. Ice skating over open lake ice is such an amazing experience! The lake Saimaa is the largest lake in Finland and the fourth largest in the whole Europe.

Suomenlinna in Helsinki is a beautiful destination to visit during winter as well and for those who are interested in history, the old military fortification offers always something interesting to see. Suomenlinna is a perfect day trip destination, as the ferry journey takes only 15 minutes from the city center. Just remember to wear something warm as the wind feels especially cold during winter. Another great day trip destination in the Helsinki area is Nuuksio National Park. Pack some lunch and head to the hiking trails, just remember to check which routes are maintained during winter.

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Happy winter holidays!