Enjoying the outdoors in November

The November in Finland is characterized by being cold and rainy. In some places the first snow of the season hits the ground during this month. In other places Finnish people just must accept that it’s raining. Just raining. So, how grey the weather really is? Well, in Finland The Greyest Day of the year is celebrated on November 17th. Let’s just say November is quite grey. Either way, the weather sure feels refreshing!

During this month you can really feel the peacefulness and softness of the nature. Summer is over and it is time to slow down and enjoy the moment of silence. Even the tiniest moment of Sun in November is more warming and exhilarating than in any other month. Misty mornings, soft rain, colorful umbrellas, and the exiting feeling when the first snow falls. Is November really that bad after all?

Even if the weather is grey, it should not stop you from enjoying outside. Embrace the greyness! We here at Superyellow get our inspiration from Finnish nature and from our beautiful changing seasons. We want to see beauty in every season, and we think that every season offers countless unique experiences.

The harsh truth is that we cannot really escape the darkness. It’s here to stay for a few months. Luckily, we can bring some bright colours, warmth, and softness into our lives with our merino wool beanies. Our beanies will keep you warm against everything that November throws at you.

Our lovely Beam beanie will cheer your mood up when you are walking through water puddles. You can find it in many various color options. The Beam beanie is folded three times, which makes it especially warm and cozy to use. If you prefer more brisk sports, we suggest checking out our Fjell beanie. Our Saame headbands also provides practicality and many bright colors to brighten up the greyness.

After enjoying outdoors, you can just sit down and enjoy the peacefulness. Wishing all the best on these last days of fall!