Stock sale coming soon

Superyellow ystävämyynti/stock sale at Lauttasaari and online store is soon here! The wide selection includes 100% merino wool beanies from the winter season and samples on sale. We recommend being fast, because there is only a limited amount available of each color and model. For kids we offer many different merino wool and organic cotton beanies, which will be perfect for the upcoming spring/summer season as well!

Opening hours:

Thursday and Friday (9.-10.3.) at 9-19.00

Saturday (11.3.) at 10-18.00

Sunday (12.3.) Klo 12-16.00

Location: Vattuniemenkatu 3, 00210 Helsinki


If you have any questions, please contact our customer service by e-mail superyellow (at),

or please call us +358 50 3570987.

See you next week!