Can you use merino wool in summer?

Merino wool can be worn throughout the year, and it is great choice for summer outdoor activities. Merino wool is 100% natural, therefore it has many great qualities which synthetic fibers don’t have. Merino wool is long-lasting and sustainable choice for every season. Merino wool beanie can be used during the whole summer, despite the temperature can vary. Here we have gathered the main reasons, why merino wool is great for summer.

Due to the natural characteristics of merino wool, it is naturally very breathable material, as it adjusts to the body temperature of the user. When the temperature rises, merino wool beanie releases heat, bringing a comfortable and breathable feeling. If the temperature goes down, merino wool keeps you warm. For this reason merino wool is the perfect choice for the camping trips of the summer, as the differences in temperature can be different in day and night.

Even the summer rain doesn’t matter, as merino wool is naturally moist-resistant giving a dry and comfy feeling. Merino wool is also antibacterial, which means as a material it is easy to take care of and often little airing is enough to freshen up the beanie. The material’s ease of care and durability make it the perfect choice for summer vacation trips.