5 reasons why merino wool

Our beanies are made of merino wool, because we think it is one of the best materials in the world. Merino wool is 100% natural material and it lasts for years. Here we have listed five reasons why merino wool is the best material. You can find more information about merino wool on our website.

  1. Merino wool is one of the warmest materials, even when it is freezing outside, it keeps you warm.
  2. One of the best characteristics of merino wool is its softness. Other wool qualities might feel itchy against your skin, but merino doesn’t and it can be used even when your skin type is very sensitive.
  3. As 100% natural material, merino wool adjusts to the climate conditions and it can be used around the year and it is naturally moist-resistant.
  4. Merino wool is easy to take care of. The merino fibres are wrinkle-resistant as the fibres always return to their natural shape. It can be machine washed, but luckily it is stain resistant and naturally antibacterial, which means it cleans itself. Therefore some airing once in a while is often enough. For further information, please check our care guide.
  5. Merino wool is 100% natural and renewable material, as the merino sheep produce new fleece every year. When merino wool is disposed of, it will naturally decompose in soil releasing nutrients back to earth.