SUPERYELLOW is a Scandinavian headwear brand that creates cutting-edge products with practical design. The journey to create functional headwear for the challenging nordic climate started in 2007 in Helsinki, Finland and is still going strong with a constantly growing fan base around the world. What began as a student project is now a company with retailers around the world. The company´s vision is to create a headwear culture that is colorful and innovative while meeting its purpose. All collections are manufactured with high attention to quality of products along with an ethical supply chain and Scandinavian design. Most of the beanies are produced up in the north in Finland, close to Arctic Circle.

Superyellow collections include unisex adult and children´s casual headwear for every season and occasion. The collection includes beanies and headbands with functional sportswear design and materials that maintain your body’s performance during workouts. Exercise in style and comfort with this season’s trends and functional materials that provide maximum protection from harsh elements. Superyellow headwear will keep you warm outdoors as well as on the streets.